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3 children

Sculpt portraits of your family.

Joe & Paula



Mythology project.





Research can be fun if it is something you want to do!

Don's Monster

Create your own creature.

Mom & Daughter Sunfaces

Mother/Daughter Sunfaces

School Projects

School Projects

School Projects 2

Hand built pot for school project

Artists @ Play


Busy Hands making Angels



A professional sculptor!


Ben at Art Weekend


She now has a degree in Industrial Design

Michele's Giraffe

Advanced student project: Standing giraffe.

Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes. She is a dancer!

Hunter's Birdhouse

Hunter's Birdhouse

David's Fish

David's Fish

Mother Daughter

Mother Daughter Flower Vase

Sculpture and Drawing Classes at

Whiterock Studio

On-Going Lessons In Clay & Painting:

Children: 4 to 6 PM Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays

Adults: 7 to 9 PM Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays

Cost is $95 for six (6) two (2) hour classes.

On-Going Lessons in Drawing

After School: 4 to 6 PM Thursdays

Cost is $95 for six (6) two (2) hour classes.

About Classes

Classes are designed for people who learn in different ways. Unlike the public school system, there are no tests or written material.

Our medium is clay. Lessons are visual, auditory, tactile, and theraputic. Clay excites all of your senses.

Whiterock Studio has been in business since 1985. Joe Rock Edwards, owner, is a certified art teacher and professional sculptor.

One class or a session of classes can be arranged for Home Schoolers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Groups, and Indian Guides. Schedule a Birthday Party and make clay projects.

Joe gives lectures and seminars to businesses, churches and other groups. He can travel to your special event, or you can visit our studio. The special way Joe teaches can be understood by all ages.

Creativity alone does not achieve success. During clay class many people have many ideas at once, usually more ideas than they could do in their lifetime. Part of our goal is to focus that creativity and actually get the students hands dirty. All students see each project through to the very end and are proud to do so.

Art Is A Verb

Sculpture Classes at Whiterock Studio

Experience the healing potential of artistic self-expression.

Achieve personal growth through improved self-awareness.

Develop independent thinking and decision-making skills.

Improve problem-solving skills.

Maximize your brain’s potential.

Communicate with others.

Build confidence.

Choose a new hobby or career.

Become an artist.

Wheel throwing

At Whiterock Studio we teach children and adults three dimensionl art through clay sculpture and pottery.

Joe Rock Edwards has a BA in Art Education from East Carolina University and is a North Carolina State Certified Art Teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. He has worked with children and adults with a variety of learning and behavioral disorders. He has developed teaching techniques that insure the student will complete works of art they will be proud of without the benefit of previous artistic study.

The sculptures develop quickly. Along side others, students receive input and support. Clay involves all of the senses and allows non-verbal expression.

Creativity and manipulating the clay helps to relieve the tensions of everyday life. Success builds confidence, self-empowerment and personal growth.

I can create. I can communicate. I can control.

Children who have difficulty in school because of learning or behavioral problems thrive at Whiterock Studio. Small classes insure students get the help they need at every stage of learning. Starting and completing projects improves self-discipline. Student’s ability to focus is improved by engaging their hands and mind simultaneously. Projects are designed to meet the needs of each student.

We also can demonstrate at any event or location. Feel free to call us regarding any questions or directions to the studio.



Students of all ages make many different projects. Click on an area to see the actual photo.

Images of Student's working

Unlike the public schools we don't have assignments. Students make what they want to. Someone can come in one week and sculpt the family dog and paint it the next. Then they can come back and make a pot for someone's birthday.

We try to let the creative juices flow. Kids stuck in a regiment of school and homework or adults at work have little time to be in their creative mind. When they come to clay class, they are like a bottle of champagne when the cork is popped and the creativity explodes.